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nitric acid 64%

What is nitric acid?

Nitric acid is a chemical compound represented by the formula HNO3. This acid is one of the strong acids that is widely used in the fields of chemistry and industry.

It is obtained as a colorless to yellow odorless liquid and is soluble in water.This matter is a strong oxidant and reacts with metals and other oxidizing agents such as ammonia (NH3). This reaction can produce toxic and exothermic gases such as nitrogen oxide (NOx).


Among the uses of nitric acid in the industry, the following can be mentioned:

Production of nitrogen fertilizers and explosives also  paints and dyes and  Production of plastics and nylons

Used in the chemical industry to produce a variety of chemical compounds

In case of using nitric acid, safety and necessary care should be strictly observed and direct contact with skin and eyes should be avoided.

applications :

64% nitric acid (nitric acid) is used in the glass industry to make durable glass and increase the transparency of glass in thermal processes (hardness and alumina) in the production of potassium nitrate, in the production of chemical fertilizers, in the production of limited medicines and in the preservation of meat. Nitric acid is used for engraving metals and refining and extracting gold.

Where can I buy nitric acid?

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Nitric acid is one of the strong acids known in chemistry. This acid appears as a xylogram in its pure state as a colorless and transparent liquid with a different smell. Nitric acid is soluble in water and is slightly vaporizable from water.

It is known as a strong oxidizing agent and is widely used in the chemical industry, especially in the production of chemicals, fertilizers, explosives and paints. This acid is also used as an antiseptic.

Various nitrates are formed through the reaction of nitric acid with alkali metals or alkaline earth metals (such as sodium and potassium). For example, the reaction of nitric acid with ammonia can produce ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3).

Due to the strong oxidizing properties of nitric acid, it should be used with caution and safety principles in the environment. Direct contact with skin, eyes and mucous membrane can cause damage and burns. It should also be avoided to expose it to heat or mix with flammable materials.

nitric acid in barrel

Transportation and loading of nitric acid:

The best way to transport nitric acid is in 220 kg barrels, because nitric acid is a very corrosive substance and carrying it in any other way is very risky. Sipan Holding, the only exporter of nitric acid, loads it at the dangerous goods area of Bandar Abbas.

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